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8 minutes ago, MATFL said:

Hello -

The site https://factoringglossary.org is being flagged by browser guard as having malware.  The following scan shows it is clean: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/https/factoringglossary.org

Kind regards,




Hello-This block rule was already disabled in our DB, I'll move this over to BG forums

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Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know if those issues are currently present wat the site? We had an issue months ago but did a thorough cleanup and the site should be clean, as far as we can tell.

Unfortunately, I looked at the report you dent and was unable to find detailed information about what was listed.


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I always make sure that I am looking at current test results because they do change over time, whether it be for good or for bad.  See if the file listed below rings a bell.  It shows up as a phishing detection.  There is one other one, though I am not adept enough at VirusTotal to tell you anything conclusive (I don't want to give you bad or misleading info).


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Thanks for this information. I just did a system wide name search for the names in directories in your example and the program (filezilla) did not return any matches.  I have also done a manual search (just to be sure) and found nothing . I have attached an image of the plugins directory so you can see it. This is odd.

Did you do the threat scan with an internal system to your company or did you use a service I can access? That may help me find the issue.

I suspect that the 3 listed services in the link you sent originally may be using outdated scans. This is why all the other ones list the site as clean. What do you think?

(in https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/cbe4ca6b8ecbeadd647095d7fd1b9d295abc954bbf61c24ebc09c74afd7029e7/detection) . 






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That came from VirusTotal.com, but was using a paid subscription. That allowed me to look at relations. It showed a lot of older detections, but I looked only at ones that were recent.  In this case, the detection was from today.  That site can get muddy when it comes to content based there, other sites on the same IP address, links to other sites that have detections, and other sites (with detections) that link to your site.  That is why I only mentioned the one.  You need a Masters Degree in VirusTotal to do it right.

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