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False Positive: Corel is a recognized software company

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The issue is rather simple, when I clicked on the link, Browser Guard intercepted it and warned me not to go there, a false interception, as stated in the title to this thread. Yes, the page loaded correctly when I told Browser Guard to let me go there, but BG ought not to have warned me of a threat that does not exist.

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I venture to guess that you are at a low-enough altitude that the block did not occur, unlike me at 7000 MSL (and that is well below my previous elevation of 9000 MSL.)

So be it. I just clicked my posted URL, which worked properly, and even tried (for the first time) the link to the same video from inside PaintShop Pro with no interception. Why it happened once for me and not again, and never for you, shall forever be unknown.

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We have a number of different blocks.  Why you were warned not to go there is the missing link.  It is also something that at least 70% of users do not tell me.  I am trying to get developers to use language on each block message that is not repeated on any other block message, to improve my chances of reading between the lines.  Your log would provide more information.  Its available under the Support menu (the stack of meatballs in the upper right corner of the Browser Guard interface).  The log is a JSONL file that can be opened in a text editor, providing you have one that can handle horrendously large files.  If not (and you want to pursue this further), download it, zip it up, and send it to me here or in a private message.

Judging by your ISP, I'd guess you are in Colorado.  I don't think Utah would have a 9000 MSL unless you're on a ski slope, nor would Wyoming.

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Second try: First time, message never saved, and when i refreshed the page to try again, Submit button did nothing.

Thanks for the explanation. I shall see if I can get the log to you in the near future.

I used to live in Crested Butte, Colorado, the 9000 MSL entry; now we are outside of Santa Fe, NM, and the USGS topo map shows a 7000 MSL contour line running through our garage; as the floor of the house is only a few feet lower, I think my claim of being at 7K MSL is close enough.

Alma, Colorado, 10,578 feet, population 270  at the 2010 census, is considered to be he highest incorporated municipality in the United States when considering only areas with permanent residents.


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I give up: I have tried to upload replies, I tried to upload the file here, which failed after quite a few minutes, I have tried to upload the requested file in a private message (that failed after a few minutes),   I did manage to post one very small reply elsewhere which took ten minutes. Until the forums are fixed so as to be usable,  I am not going to waste anymore  time.

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On 8/30/2021 at 11:51 AM, gonzo said:

I wish I could say that sometimes. Did you try to send the log as a JSONL file, or did you put it into a ZIP file first?  JSONL=problem, ZIP=good

Original: 19,293,468

Zip file that I cannot, so far, upload, 636,590

(So far, I have tried four times to upload this reply. Forum continues, at least for me, to be quite unusable.)

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I received the file this time. Thank you for your persistence.  I found a domain inside there which you have put on your Allow List.  I have done some investigation on the domain and have asked our researchers to look at it as well.  It did not show any negative results, but it looks very questionable to me.  I would be careful where I click on that site for the time being.  The link in question is not secure and is named to look legitimate, whether it is or not.  When I know more, I will say more.

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The link that was blocked is:  hxxp://links.email1-corel.com/.  It is designed to look like a Corel link, but it is not owned by Corel.  Testing has not shown it to be of any value (positive or negative).  Because it is questionable in its naming convention, it will remain blocked by Browser Guard.  It is up to you whether the exclusion you have placed on this domain should remain in effect.  When investigating based on your original report, I did not see any issues and required further input from you. Its your call.....

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