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File with hkl estension in temp folder

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Please run GPedit.msc and browse to the following tree level

Local Computer Policy -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Audit Policy


Double-click and open the Audit object access entry and enable Success and Failure



Then open My Computer or run Windows File Explorer and browse to the following location.


In that folder please find the file: powershell.exe

Right-Click on powershell.exe and select Properties and go to the Security tab and click the Advanced button


Then click on the Auditing tab, then the  image.pngContinue button


After you click the Continue button the controls will unlock to allow editing

Currently the owner should be TrustedInstaller

Highlight the Everyone entry and click the Edit button

Make sure the Principal is set to Everyone  and the Type is All - then click OK a couple of times to close out the boxes



Then restart your computer and once you do see the PowerShell kick off again let me know and we'll track it down in the Event Viewer.

Write down the exact time you saw it run in case we need to isolate the time in the Event Logs



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Hello, do not worry! Please spend your time with your family and don't worry about me, seen as it's not an urgent matter (as it's not a virus) we can absolutely talk about it on tuesday, for now just enjoy the holiday!

Thank you,


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Hello, yes, sorry for making you wait, I got caught up in school. So, powershell is still running, but with the steps you made me do we could, theoretically, track which program is making it run, right? Let me know how to do it and I'll let you know what I find when it runs tomorrow.

Thank you,


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