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I want to be refund in order of my bought of Endpoint Protection

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I've bought Endpoint Protection but it is absolutely too heavy to leave works in my server. You've seen the situation and have told that it is normal a footprint of 20-25% of total resources. I want to be refund but there is no way to do that. 
So, I try in that way also, hoping to be satisfy.

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  • Root Admin

I'm only seeing 1 new ticket on August 9, 2021 and that was from a Chat you were having and they passed you off to Sales.

Ticket: 3549002

If you'd like to obtain a refund please create a new ticket with that request. However, if you believe there is an issue with the product I'm sure someone from Support can assist you in reviewing what is going on and you can ask for support on that issue if wanted.

Thank you @Marco_Lungo


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3 hours ago, AdvancedSetup said:

Vedo solo 1 nuovo biglietto il 9 agosto 2021 e proveniva da una chat che stavi facendo e ti hanno passato alle vendite.

Biglietto: 3549002

Se desideri ottenere un rimborso, crea un nuovo biglietto con tale richiesta. Tuttavia, se ritieni che ci sia un problema con il prodotto, sono sicuro che qualcuno del supporto può aiutarti a rivedere cosa sta succedendo e puoi chiedere supporto su quel problema, se lo desideri.

Grazie @Marco_Lungo


Maybe that is the ticket that your support staff open in order to refund me, after we have try with your technical support to resolve the issue that I was suffering. After we see that it was not a real issue but a characteristic of Endpoint Protection (it has a very heavy footprint on server resource, as I've seen and as your support has showed me it is wrote on official technical documentation), I decided to uninstall EP and asking for refund, 3 days after I've bought that. 
I see that there is no way for me to see the ticket archive, so I cannot understand the situation at the present. 
Could you update me about what's next?
Thank you 

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