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Reporting False Detection of our Max Secure download Managers on Virustotal

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Please find attached False Positives
You are incorrectly detecting the download managers of our Max Secure products as Malware which is an Anti-Virus with Firewall, Parental control and many more features. We have a large number of retail and business customers using this product. This product has been around for more than 15 years and is definitely not Malware, it is a legitimate Anti-Virus program.
Could you tell us why are you detecting these files and if there is anything we can do to stop detection. Please remove the false detection. :
File 1 : MaxAVPlusDM.exe
Hash  : d7b2fab117ff70479df9e45ee0c071e1475a2587e69e6c0a57adecafba66455e
File 2 : MaxISDM.exe
Hash  : 29a9bcdd48aa704cc486a51cb58251c91277ca9ae85e990383e7d635bc3abcdd
File 3 : MaxSDDM.exe
Hash  : c99308b0c7c61ca3788be9a72aecd1ec104e8f49f4d7133ddbe75c3910abade1
File 4 : MaxTSDM.exe
Hash  : fe3dd479b50865e01aba9c2ecd123242f2715d6ecb9af67feffed1171ffbfda1
I will appreciate if you can remove these from your  malware database and detection as quickly as possible, it is causing reputation damage to our company. 
Max Secure Support Team

Max Secure Download Manager.rar

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