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Unable to remove browserguard from Chrome and Firefox


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We are Unable to remove browserguard from Chrome and Firefox. This is causing issues, The app is intrusive and not needed. Every attempt to remove it only lasts per session, and it's back when you restart your browser. I've seen less intrusive malware then this. Do you need to pay to remove malware bytes from your computer?

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I install, uninstall, and reinstall somewhat often and do not have any issues.  In addition to what @Porthos has asked, do you close your browser normally or do you crash it?  The reason I ask is that on one computer, I regularly use far too many tabs and do not wish to trust my browser to keep track of them.  I have found that killing the browser through Task Manager allows the browser to recognize an abnormal termination and recover from what it perceives to be a crash. In lieu of an answer that solves your issue, the question Is worth asking.


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Sync is not enabled. I close out my browser typically when i'm done doing what i'm doing. I have uninstalled the main program last week. I have restarted my laptop 4 or 5 times since then as well and the extension is still persistent in chrome and will not leave. 


Crome: Version 92.0.4515.131


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I did. I installed both last week. I uninstalled the main app on friday, and i thought the browser extensionson, and that is when this issue started happening, i.e. the extension will not delete itself and throws intrusive blocking warnings and errors. 

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