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Major Frustration

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Hi all,

My computer has been infected by a rather massive issue. It started out few weeks ago when I started receiving the Windows Police Pro message and my browser started to redirect to spam sites. I tried using Malwarebytes and Spybot to remove it, each time I thought I had removed it it came back. Now it has evolved into something much worse. The computer and Internet Explorer take minutes to boot up. I cannot access most desktop applications, I get the "_____ is not a valid Win32 application" message or a message stating I don't have Administrator rights. Malwarebytes, Spybot, and McAfee will no longer open. Every so often I will get a message that my computer will be shutting down in 60 seconds--can't quite remember the details with that one.

I tried following the instructions on the "I'm infected, now what do I do?" thread. I even tried downloading a second copy of Malwarebytes to a different folder to no avail. Malwarebytes downloaded, updated, and then was "preparing" for the scan when it suddenly quit. I can't access it again from the desktop wtihout getting an error message. HijackThis downloaded and I was able to install and run it, but it never gave me a log for Notepad.

And now I find thefeedyard.com browser hijack has come into play as well.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 with IE 8. It's a 6 year old computer, but if I can get it back to being stable and virus free without having to spend $$$, that would be wonderful. I hope this is enough information to start out with.

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