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4.4.4. scanner page is frozen

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Thanks.  The Version & the component update package are fine. Lets close Malwarebytes.

I would like to go back to the last thing I was hoping we could do.   and that is the custom Fix with the FRST tool.

The FRSTENGLISH is also on that folder  here   


I would like you to use Windows File Explorer  and go look on that specific folder for FRSTENGLISH

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FRST will have a icon like this  FRST.gif icon .

You say you have that on the DESKTOP.   Fine.  Let's remember that & make use of it (like below).


Next action items.

[  A ]

Please  set File Explorer to SHOW ALL folders, all files, including Hidden ones.  Use OPTION ONE or TWO of this article



[  B  ]

What follows is a special custom fix script with specific goals.

We will use FRST.exe  on Desktop folder to run a custom script.    The system will be rebooted after the script has run.

This custom script is for  Bethyboo  only / for this machine only.


This custom script has some specific things, plus some general aspect to help the system overall.

NOTE-1:  This script will  run a scan using System File Checker to check that all Microsoft operating system files are valid and not corrupt and attempt to correct any invalid files.  It will also run the Windows DISM tool to check the OS state.  It will rebuild the Winsock. 

It will enable Microsoft Defender, which provides added protections against rogue scripts & file-types not scanned by Malwarebytes.

It will remove a handful of non-existent contextmenu handlers ( apps removed in the past) that can slowdown Windows File Explorer. 

It will help with future update runs from Microsoft Windows Update.


  • Please be sure to Close any open work files, documents,  any apps you started yourself  before starting this.


  • If there are any CD / DVD / or USB-flash-thumb or USB-storage drives attached,  please disconnect any of those.


Please save the (attached file named) FIXLIST.txt   to the  DESKTOP  


Start the Windows Explorer and then, to the Desktop

RIGHT click on  FRST64    and select RUN as Administrator and allow it to proceed.  Reply YES when prompted to allow to run.
  to run the tool. If the tool warns you the version is outdated, please download and run the updated version.

  • IF Windows prompts you about running this, select YES to allow it to proceed.
  • IF you get a block message from Windows about this tool......click line More info information on that screen     and click button Run anyway on next screen.



on the FRST window:

Click the Fix button just once, and wait.




PLEASE have lots and lots of patience when this starts. You will see a green progress bar start. Lots of patience. 
If you receive a message that a reboot is required, please make sure you allow it to restart normally.
The tool will complete its run after restart.
When finished, the tool will make a log ( Fixlog.txt) in the same location from where it was run.

Please attach the FIXLOG.txt with your next reply later, at your next opportunity   

Just let it do its thing.    Persistence & patience are called for here.



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Kindly notice that it said "No fixlist found".

That indicates that the file Fixlist.txt is not on the DESKTOP.

Please look at my directions  about Saving the Fixlist.txt  that I had attached

Kindly  ( please) be sure it is in the same folder as the FRST.   The 2 work together as a pair   when we need to do a Fix.

As I look on this thread, it looks like you have not grabbed / saved the file.

Please save the (attached file named) FIXLIST.txt   to the  DESKTOP  


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Hello.  I do see FRST64.exe  there.  BUT the Fixlist has a long name and is not simply just 


I do need for you to be certain you save as-is  and be very very sure the name is simply


I also notice you did NOT download the file I have attached twice.   You gotta download this attachment here.

Click on it one time with the mouse pointer  and allow it to download.   Plus making sure it is saved to the Desktop.

Right-click on it  and select SAVE AS   and guide it to the DESKTOP

Please save the (attached file named) FIXLIST.txt   to the  DESKTOP   __ >>>>>>        Fixlist.txt


Edited by Maurice Naggar
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Just ran the "fix" and the computer rebooted.  Defender did not allow HP to go through my firewall for communications and I was asked if I wanted HP access through my firewall and said no.  I hope this was what I should have done.

Here is the fixlog.txt.


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Sorry to hear about "ghostly" display.  Continued patience is needed.  This eventually will be over-come.

I would like to have you do one small adjustment on a setting for Malwarebytes.

In Malwarebytes >>> Settings >>> click GENERAL tab.

Now look at section "Manual scan performance impact ".
then pick for scans to have "lower priority".
Aplly the change.
Close Malwarebytes


Since there is a sticky / picky situation  & seeing that the Windows operating system is from the fall of 2019 , which is more than 18 months back, my view is that it would be beneficial for the operating system to be at the latest Microsoft release.

First, exit out of any open documents that you may have on-going.  Save that work.  Close those apps.

These next steps can be referred to as a repair-install in place.
If this machine is a laptop or notebook, be sure it is connected to power thru a regular power cord to regular electric power.
( that is to say, not be on battery power).

1. Back up your personal data and files to an external hard drive, USB thumb drive.
2. Ensure you are signed in or have administrator rights to do a repair install
3. Unplug all external peripherals except for the Mouse, Keyboard, and LAN cable before starting

Download the media creation tool MCT    (Click Download tool now) and save it to your computer.


After it is completely saved.
Start the tool and select "Upgrade this PC now."

Make sure to select " Keep personal files and apps. "

It will take some time to run & complete. Your computer will restart a few times, Make sure you don’t turn off your PC
If you see a dark screen at times, do not fret.  Just simply move the mouse pointer around the screen or press the space bar to trigger a screen display refresh.

Edited by Maurice Naggar
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Sorry to see that.  I notice it said it ran into a problem in the very initial part.  Close that if it is still on-screen.

Lets discard that idea.  Instead you should do a Windows Update "Check for Updates".

Go to Windows Settings >>> then select Update & Security >>> then in Windows Update

Click on "Check for updates".

Have patience.  Be sure you accept the offered Feauture update.   Follow directions from Microsoft.


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Hi.  Thanks.  I got the screen grab image.  Does this mean that there was indeed a update run & it went all the way thru & succeeded?

I believe you can go to Windows >> Settings >>>and then click on the About tab  & then see a readout about the Windows version.

Could you give that a go?   I am just wanting this pc to have a good & current version of Windows operating system  ( before we re-address any outstanding issue).

See guide  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/see-which-version-of-windows-10-you-have-12d35019-4da9-0cb1-ba47-f8b031b712ad


Edited by Maurice Naggar
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As far as the Malwarebytes program.  It shows all real-time protections are on.  It is just the middle pane on the main screen ....the Scanner pane ....that is "greyed".

I kind of wonder if you perhaps or maybe someone else at your household made some sort of "change" for user access ?

Can you go on Malwarebytes.  Click the Settings ( gear icon) and then take a look on the GENERAL tab.

and take a screen grab

Then, click the Security tab   & take a screen grab of that.


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Good Morning, Maurice.

I am the only person in my household, so there is no one else making changes to my laptop.  If you kindly look at the screen print I sent you of the last "ghosty" you will notice that it isn't just the center pane, it is the whole page that is ghosted any unreachable.  None of my settings have changed in security. They are the same as they have been always (for many, many years).



About1.doc About2.doc Latest Ghosty.doc General1.doc General2.doc Security1.doc Security2.doc

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