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Unsure if infected with anything so i would rather be on the safe side.

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Hello and thanks for reading this,

so recently my pc seemed to have slowed down a bit and i was getting quite some problems with lags and stutters so i was looking around a to see what could cause these things, leading me to bad software, miners and all of that.
it also seems that my power and memory clock spike, without doing anything, when i look at the graphs in afterburner. I do not have too much knowledge about these things so i have afterburner installed to only monitor things.
Furthermore every time i open task manager i see it having 80% - 90% cpu usage, which then drops to normal levels after it started up properly.
Additionally i sometimes see a command window opening and instantly closing again when i start up my pc, but i have no idea how to interpret that or what to make out of it, as there are no characters written in there.
All of these things have somewhat gotten me paranoid and i wanted to check if things are running correctly or if i should be worried.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.

Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes_Scan.txt

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Hello @Azer0    :welcome:

My name is Maurice.  I will guie you.

My first posr is simply to respond to 


every time i open task manager i see it having 80% - 90% cpu usage, which then drops to normal levels after it started up properly.

That is very normal.  Just DISREGARD the percentage readouts  .....until after a minute or 2 has elapsed.   The very initial "percentage" counts are NOT to be considered as a reliable readout.

People often see that & get all dis-oriented.   So, skip that as a true indication.   We use actual security scanners to look for any actual infection.

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Alright.  By the way, I do not see a indicator on FRST about any "infection".

As far as how busy the Windows system is when first started, consider to trim down the number of auto-started applications.  These are some of those that are auto-loaded.








Opera GX Browser Assistant

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so the scan completed and it seems to have found a trojan stored inside of a zip folder :/
i have the option of resolving it through kaspersky, should i try that or rather wait?
Furthermore it says there is an incompatible program, which seems to be malwarebytes, and 2 updates for apllications are available.
everything else is fine
i scanned yesterday or a day before that and everything was fine.

weird to see these things are still autostart, most i turned off in task manager.
i do not know another way of making them not auto-load

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well it seems to be running a bit better but it could just be my imagination aswell.

the lags and stutters dont seem to have disappeared so i will look further into it to see if anything makes sense.

Thank you for taking your time to help me so far.

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Good morning.

Lags & stutters, it ought to be pointed out, can simply be indicators that normal pc housekkeping needs to be done.  Things like emptying out all browsers' cache files & temporary files.  Maybe the disk has got lots of trash files that slow it down. Perhaps its also a good time to make sure that Windows is fully up to date with Microsoft Updates.  Also, all applications should be checked to see they have latest security updates.

The built-in Windows "CLEANMGR" applet is a good one to help to delete temporary files & the likes.



NB. Guide at lifewire on how to clear Cache for most all web browsers



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added link for clear cache all browsers
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i have already cleaned my disk spaces through the tools windows provided some days ago, but it did not seem to change anything about it.

will try to clear the cache of the web browser though, as that is something not tried yet.

i will also let my pc be cleaned thouroughly as i cant really acces the fans normally and i had thought it may have something to do with hardware, although that is just a hunch.

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Note that this sub-forum is about hunting for & removing malware on Windows system.  Cant be much help on actual hardware nor cooling fans for hardware. Also note:  when Windows pc comes out of sleep mode, it is normal for you to hear a bit of whirring as hardware comes back to life, especially if disk is non-SSD type.


We can use a different scanner to look for viruser, trojans, malware.

[   1   ]

Please  set File Explorer to SHOW ALL folders, all files, including Hidden ones.  Use OPTION ONE or TWO of this article


[   2    ]

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free Microsoft stand-alone virus scanner that can be used to scan for & remove malware or potentially unwanted software from a system. 

The download links & the how-to-run-the tool are at this link at Microsoft 



Look on Scan Options & select FULL scan.

Then start the scan. Have lots of patience. It may take several hours.


Let me know the result of this.    This is likely to run for many hours   ( depending on number of files on your machine & the speed of hardware.)

The log is named MSERT.log  

the log will be at  


Please attach that log with your reply.


Edited by Maurice Naggar
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Yes of course i dont expect of you to help me with the hardware stuff and all of that, just want to make sure it is not related to any virus or anything like it.

i will try the things you mentioned as soon as i can.

thank you for your help so far.

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Glad we could help.

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Thank you



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