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Antivirus Pro 2010

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If anyone should be lined up against a wall and shot it's the ppl that release the "Antivirus" fake security software. I've come across 2 or 3 versions of it and usually MB can beat it down. But not this latest version. It disable Norton and Malwarebytes and locked me out of Task Manager. This was on my laptop and I was using a virtual PC to do my browsing and somehow it crossed over and infected my PC, prolly followed the ip address, I really don't know. I disabled my wireless device and booted up using a WIN PE disc and removed most of it manually, but there nearly a hundred hidden/write protected folders and files all over my hard drive. Under the applications folder in my user folder the MalBytes and Norton folder were write protected as well. I can't even reinstall Malwarebytes and complete a scan because it just shuts in down a few seconds after it starts. Time to do a complete reinstall. Is there any software that can stop this type of infection?

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