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Cyber Security has a pretty good hold on wife's computer....

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Ok. I posted logs in this forum over a year ago and you guys help me get rid of a netbooster program on my work computer. Now, somehow my wife has a program called "Cyber-Security" on hers. It would simply flood us with the typical messages saying your computer is not fully protected, or your system is infected. I could hit Ctrl, Alt, Delete and find the "CS.exe" file and end the process and go about my business, (a little slower than usual, but things were operational anyways). I installed the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software and ran the scan. My intentions were to come back to work today and post the log file. I did not copy the file though, because it found several items, Cyber-Security included, and I decided to see if it could remove them first before I went any further. Well, it said it removed them, and I saw the icons dissappear, but after the automatic required restart, it was all back. And now it won't let me even use Ctrl, Alt, Delete to open the task manager. If I try to open the Malwarebytes software to run the scan again and try to double click the icon, it "high lights" several icons on the desktop. If I try to go into my "C" drive and into my program files to open the software when I click on "Program Files" it highlights everything above Program Files as well. It then asks me if I want to open all the programs at once. Very odd. Eveidently Cyber-Security id trying very hard to prevent me from even accessing a program that has the potential to do it harm. Any thoughts on how I can get around all this to perofrm the scans?

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