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Malwarebytes Tray Application is not responding

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Just now I was rebooting my computer as part of the process to get the Malwarebytes Support Tool logs requested by Porthos in this thread that I started this morning.

The first time that I rebooted my computer, before I did anything, I very soon saw an error message in my taskbar with the text "Malwarebytes Tray Application (Not Re...".  The first attachment to this post is a screen shot.

Soon after, I saw an error dialog pop up with the text "Malwarebytes Tray Application is not responding".  The second attachment to this post is a screen shot.

I tried clicking on "Wait for the program to respond", but that did nothing, so after 30+ seconds I rebooted my computer yet again.

On this next reboot, which is the Windows 10 session that I am currently on, none of those errors happened.

In the last couple of months I have seen this happen a couple of times after rebooting.  Each time, I do the same thing: reboot a second time, and usually the error does not appear that next time.

Anyone else see this?  Is it a known bug?  Is there a cure?

I have been running 4.4.2 Premium (the latest release) for several days now.  My computer is running Windows 10 Workstation and is fully patched.

My first sentence above ends in a link regarding another issue that I recently saw, no idea if there is any relationship, and that other post now contains the Malwarebytes Support Tool logs.

One other thing that I should mention: I use Torguard VPN's Windows client.  It is set to start running and connect to a VPN server almost immediately after reboot.  It was running at the time that I saw these 2 error message.

I am not sure yet if MBAM and Torguard conflict or not, but I intend to do another post today regarding a Windows crash that I had yesterday which may be an indication of a problem.

mbam_Not Rresponding_1.png

mbam_Not Rresponding_2.png

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16 minutes ago, Porthos said:

Always a possibility. Since it uses Open VPN.

It used to.  And Torguard still offers Open VPN as an option.

But the preferred protocol for Torguard is to use Wireguard, which is vastly simpler code, much faster, and likely far less buggy and more secure.

I switched to Wireguard the moment it was available on Torguard.

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17 minutes ago, CaptainHindsight said:

I switched to Wireguard

Malwarebytes VPN is also wireguard.

So since the 35 hour scan seems to be fixed. I will close the other topic in a bit and we can work here.

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