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Brave launches its own, privacy‑focused search engine

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As seen on ESET security Blog

Brave launches its own, privacy‑focused search engine


Brave, the company known for its eponymous web browser, has announced the launch of its own search engine dubbed Brave Search. The product, which is currently in beta and is built on an entirely independent search index, promises that it won’t track users, their searches, or their clicks.
The global beta is now accessible for the desktop, iOS, and Android versions of the ad-blocking Brave web browser. However, even if you don’t use Brave, you can still test the search engine from any browser by punching in search.brave.com.


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Not sure what separates it out from DuckDuckGo and StartPage and they've had some minor issues or concerns, dislikes along the way for their browser.

Even here: https://www.privacytools.io/browsers/

They're not recommending Brave browser and TOR also chose not to use the Brave browser


Why is Tor Browser built from Firefox and not some other browser?

Tor Browser is a modified version of Firefox specifically designed for use with Tor. A lot of work has been put into making the Tor Browser, including the use of extra patches to enhance privacy and security. While it is technically possible to use Tor with other browsers, you may open yourself up to potential attacks or information leakage, so we strongly discourage it.



I'm not saying Brave is bad or anything - just wonder why, what they're doing and if there is something more to it than meets the eye?


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