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Apple devices hacked

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Hey I just wanted to bump

this dead old thread to say I believe you guys and I have spent a year trying to learn how this OS works but it’s endless. I don’t mind stuff being hacked I kinda expect that to happen but it’s very frustrating to own a closed system and Apple can’t even tell you if it’s secure or not. Also iOS was remotely hacked in 2014 through Xcode / App Store. Currently there is a full no access or action needed except for a link to open on the device. Don’t worry no one would ever waste something this valuable on us though and Apple did a crazy quick job of patching it. 

If I had to guess I have some variant of Loki / Thor efi malware on my MacBook Pro that is very good at dns hijacking and cache poisoning and getting into other devices. Could also be something like the trickster bit not.

I’ve been keeping logs and have a good amount of stuff that I believe does indeed show this stuff going on. If anyone does feel comfortable in this area and wants to take a look let me know. 





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I split this off from the thread where it was posted, as it was off topic and that thread was two years old.

I don't think that anyone can comment on this without more information. What specifically are you seeing that leads you to believe that your devices are infected?

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