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Android Privacy not showing up in the notification panel


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when i run privacy on my Samsung S21 Ultra, i get no notifications that privacy is running in slide down notification panel. 

The only way that i know that it is running, is the key (VPN) notification in the persistent notifications.

the only way that i can start or stop the app is by opening the app.

There is nothing in the settings.

can anyone help me, get the notification in the task menu?


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  • Root Admin

Don’t quite understand what is meant by notifications in the notification menu or the task menu.

We don’t send any notifications from the app and we don’t have integration to the built-in VPN section in the device setting.

You have to use our app to turn on or off our VPN. When it is connected it shows a key icon in the status bar that indicates that the VPN tunnel was established. This is expected behavior.

You can’t control our VPN from the Device settings or by using the built-in toggle because we create a custom VPN tunnel using advanced faster Wireguard technology. We register it in the system on the first launch and only our app controls it. 

We may look and see if we can add our VPN tunnel to the Device Settings VPN list in the future

If you click on the VPN notification in the task menu, you are able to reach the VPN settings with different options. But there is no possibility to activate or deactivate the specific connection. It's only possible via our Privacy App. 




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Thank you for your response. Attached is a screenshot from my phone, this is where i normally see important notifications, most vpn's show something in this screen.

In my screenshot, there is malwarebytes real time protection notification, if i tap on that, it will take me to the app. as you can see, the vpn icon is there in the very top, but there is no notification of any type, so it is not as user friendly as it good be.

Thank you



no notification.jpg

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  • Staff

I'd also like to point out that, when it comes to the notification shown for the Mobile Security app, that's not within our control. Past Android changes required that, and we have no ability to remove that from the notifications as long as real-time protection is turned on. However, we had a lot of folks complain about that, because they didn't want us littering up their notifications, and I can understand that.

The complaints seem to have waned, as people have (mostly) gotten used to this change imposed by Google, but that experience would seem to indicate that adding a persistent notification for VPN status might not be welcomed by everyone.

Can you explain what problem you would be hoping to solve by having a persistent notification shown?

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Thanks for your response. 

I have been a vpn user for many years, various products such as Kaspersky. I am very familiar with how apps, android and other platforms. I am familiar with UX design, end user requirements and providing services to end users. 

In this picture, you can see that glasswire (firewall), kaspersky (vpn), malwarebytes (real time notification) are all there. 

Each of these I can click on in that notification drop down, with kaspersky you can then enable or disable vpn or change vpn. With glasswire I can click on that and stop traffic, etc. With malwarebytes notification, I click on that and it opens malwarebytes but I cant click on the privacy key notification. 

So these things that you say are fault of Android 11 (I am using Samsung S22 ultra with android 11, they seem to work for other providers. 

I don't know why you say that users complain about a malwatebytes notification in the notification drop down, it is customary for an app to post notifications here, users can then set notifications to silent. So there should be no reason to complain. And any user has the ability to silence any notification. So your statement doesn't make any sense. 

I posted 2 screenshots to help you understand what you are talking about, because right now, your not making much sense. 

I look forward to your response. 


Screenshot_20210707-072355_Smart Launcher.jpg

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  • Staff

As I mentioned, we did get quite a lot of complaints, whether you believe that makes sense or not. I also mentioned they have waned, so perhaps people have adjusted to this by now.

However, I'd still be very curious to know exactly what problem you're hoping the notification would solve. Can you elaborate?

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