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New app update v1.4.5 available in App Store

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I see a new version 1.4.5 is now available in the app store, released on June 16. Anyone install this yet? Any issues?

@treed Any chance we can get the ability to auto-update "protection updates" via mobile data in a future release? I almost never connect to WiFi and have to remember to manually click the update button every now and then. Thanks!

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I can't promise anything specific, but it would certainly be possible to introduce a setting for checking the database via cellular data.

So I can better understand the use case, is there a particular reason that you don't connect your iPhone to wifi that you'd be willing to share?

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2 hours ago, treed said:

is there a particular reason that you don't connect your iPhone to wifi 

I connect to WiFi but it's infrequent, mostly just to install iOS updates. I have unlimited LTE so prefer the extra battery life over using WiFi. I'm also not a fan of leaving WiFi on while I'm out and about, not knowing what it's reaching out to or doing while it's in my pocket ☺️

Quick question about the new version (1.4.5) that was released on June 16 ... I have the Premium version but don't use the phone or SMS blocking features, just the web protection and ad blocking features. I won't see any visible changes in the UI then right, just under-the-hood bug fixes etc. with the new version?


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Using LTE instead of wifi can actually cause battery drain, particularly when the LTE signal is weak. I've encountered cases where I could feel my phone heat up in my pocket and its battery drained significantly when I was somewhere with very marginal LTE coverage. That said, I agree that it's not wise to have your phone automatically connect to common wifi names that might be spoofed by a malicious network - like "attwifi" - but if you only connect to trusted wifi, that's safe.

As for the update, it's all under the hood changes.

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