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Adding new Techloq installer to whitelist


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I am reaching out from Techloq. It is a proxy-based Internet filter that is already on whitelist, and it works with Malwarebytes, but now we have a new version. We are trying to install update with Silent Installer, but it doesn't work as gets blocked by the antivirus. Please let me know what you need from us in order to add new update to whitelist.
Thank you!
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Here are the components that get downloaded by the installer, unfortunately we don't have logs from customer as of now.

Here is the link to actual installer: https://tlclientapplicationscdn.blob.core.windows.net/windows-filteragent/TSDK/TechloqFilterSetup.exe ( couldn't upload it because of file size)


WindowsFilterAgentService (1).zip WindowsFilterAgentService.UpdateService (1).zip 53216764_WindowsFilterAgentWPFClient(1).zip

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From the log, it's unclear what component is detecting, as it also shows whitelisted in there and I still can't reproduce detection on my end.

Please have your customer try the following: Quit malwarebytes from the systemtray.
Then navigate to the following folder:


In there, locate the file HubbleCache and delete it.

Restart Malwarebytes again. A new Hubblecache will then be created again, so it will properly pick it up and remember to not detect this anymore.

If still detected, can you get a screenshot of the detection? This so we have a better view.

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I am reaching out from Techloq. We have new kernel drivers and new version of the filter components, we want to make sure there will be no issues with them. They are too large to attach, so I am providing download links. Please whitelist the following filter components:







Please let us know if you need anything else, thank you.





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