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Hello, i'm sure all of you have seen the announcement post for the malwarebytes browserguard. I have one tiny question about this though. HOW do you manage to get 160 blocked malware downloads,  459 scam blocks, and 15 pup- blocks in  ONE WEEK. Check attachement for the file i'm talking about. This was shown in the post for introducing MBG.  What types of sites are you on to get THAT much malware and pup's?? Do you watch p*rn on shady websites all day or what? Also why is their cookie amount so low? I have like 20k blocked cookies in one week (terraria wiki, you get 50 blocked cookies every time you reload the site)

Screenshot 2021-06-17 20.11.08.png

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If it was a QA person who supplied the screenshot used in the promo, it would be very easy to get numbers like that.  As far as trackers, I have my local "newspaper" loaded up for the past 2 hours.  That site has produced 1471 tracker blocks, because they are absolutely certain I want all of their stuff (a polite substitute) when I asked for news.  I only wish I block all the videos they spew at me thinking I juts love to load my cache up and burn out my router prematurely.  Numbers vary widely by site, by user and by time.  Its just an indicator and ultimately means little, as long as the extension is doing its job.

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Mine gets loaded up quickly too from visiting hundreds of sites and helping users detect and remove malware. I also run other content blockers. It simply points out how much tracking the entire ecosystem of online computing is doing.

Google doesn't sell too many products until recently, the lions share of their profits are from selling your tracking data to potential vendors and they're in the top 15 largest companies in the world. That alone should help put some perspective on how large the problem is.



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