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Website blocked upon launching firefox (just began)

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Greetings experts,

You have saved me i the past. This time I am seeing something odd for the first time ever (the past 2 days) - a green Malwarebytes pop-up indicating:

Website blocked

Domain: findresults.site

IP Address:

Port: 0

Type: Inbound


This popup only happens when I first launch Firefox using Google as the homepage (I also changed the homepage to DuckDuckGo and the same popup happens upon launching firefox).


Note: I've searched this site for both Findresults.site and the IP address above but have found nothing mentioned here.

Note: I've also Googled the both and came up rather empty; nothing obvious (to me)


I am concerned. What exactly has happened?

BTW, I realize my system is old and deserve a scolding - I'm working on ordering a new (modern) computer.

Please find attached Threat Scan logs, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt

Thank you for your consideration

FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat Scan Log 061021.txt

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  • Root Admin

Hello @DoctorZaius as you said, your computer is quite old. We'll see if we can clean it up some but if you do want to keep this much longer make sure you have a FULL images back up of the entire system on an external USB drive. Nearly impossible to rebuild this from scratch again today.


Let's start by cleaning up Google Chrome. The screens and methods will be different but no one has instructions to clean up something this old so you may have to adjust, modify for your version.


Please follow the directions from the following topic and let us know if that corrects the issue for you.


On a modern computer, I'd highly suggest getting rid of all of these applications.

Bing Bar
Java 8 Update 201

Since your computer is so old I'd still say get rid of Bing Bar, Bonjour, and Java unless you really need them.


Once that's done let me know if things are working better or not





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First, thank you Root Admin for your impressive prompt response. I hear you about how old my computer, and the image backup.

Some additional information that I originally failed to provide may be useful to you:

1) I can launch Chrome without the previously mentioned Malewarebytes pop-up of the blocked website. (very confusing -- it ONLY happens with Firefox).

2) I rarely use Chrome. I use Firefox for 99% of my web activity.

3) I Never sign into a Google account using Chrome, so my profile in Chrome is rather non-existent. In fact, I'm sure I've Never signed into a google account on this computer - whether using Firefox OR Chrome. I don't even know what synching or google cloud is (yes, I am old). Thus I am unable to follow the Chrome/google instructions provided in your link.

4) At the risk of showing even more stupidity than using a Vista 2009 computer, I'm not sure how to get rid of those four items you mentioned above.

5) Eager to do what can be done on an antique car of a system I currently (hopefully not for long) drive.

Best Regards,

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  • Root Admin

Please see the following on how to uninstall software on Windows VISTA

Basically go into the Control Panel



No problem about Google Chrome. Please see the following on how to clean up Firefox, just remember that due to the age, finding a step-by-step guide for that old of a version might not be easy so try to improvise as needed to clean up cookies, cache, and data from Firefox



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OK, thank you for your help. I got rid of those things you recommended I remove. I also cleaned up Firefox.

The problem persisted.

Out of dumb luck I "fixed" the issue by disabling a Firefox Add-on (That has been on my system without incident for years - a video downloader). With this Add-on disabled I no longer get the website blocked pop-up (which seems unrelated to the video downloader website)!?

No idea what this all means, but thank you for all your assistance.

BTW, I made a post on the Malwarebytes for Windows subforum asking for more specifics on what happened and what does it mean.


Thanks again!

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