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Website 1023454260.rsc.cdn77.org getting opened without my concern

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Hi guys,

i'm getting warned on Malwarebytes about this website on the title, whose exact url is https://1023454260.rsc.cdn77.org/sch/lgs/sws9.js?v=10& and it's trying to download some files into my computer, but I've never opened to this website before, it doesn't even appear on chrome's history when the notification is shown. I've tried cleaning Chrome's data, reinstaling it, scanning with Malwarebytes but it always says my computer is clean, and the problem persists.

If anyone could help me so I don't have reset the computer and reinstall Windows to solve the problem it would be truly great :)FRST translated.txt

Addition translated.txt

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  • Root Admin

Nope, just clean up Google Chrome. You don't have to be logged in or using Sync to have an immense amount of junk in your Google Chrome folders.

Use another browser such as Firefox or Edge, does the same thing happen?


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Hi friend


i did the steps you said and monitored for a week, no threads reported on Chrome, thank you so much!!!

But now i checked Edge and the same thing happened with a different suspicious website, can you help me with that too, please?

And about Firefox, i don't have it downloaded here, should i be worried about it in the future?

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