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You’re welcome Admin .

I’d would be happy to comment on this . so not sure if where to comment to it but I’ve Quote your reply from your topic


On 6/2/2021 at 2:50 AM, AdvancedSetup said:

Yes. I'm so disgusted though with the development of Firefox.

In my opinion they have way too many Google Chrome developers or Leads on the Firefox team. Each version of Firefox that comes out gets closer and closer to being a 100% Google Chrome CLONE

If I wanted Google Chrome I'd install Google Chrome and bypass Firefox if it's going to be a knock off.

I don't want almost any features from Google Chrome, get back to creating your own unique safe browser and stop being a Lemming that simply follows along with what Google Chrome does


it is very bad to see Mozilla team to have their own web-browser to be a Google Chrome clone because I do not like their web browser .

if Firefox goes to be as a Google Chrome clone then it’s the time to switch to another Firefox Based web browser like basilisk 

I think all other extension developers should’ve to supporting this web browser instead of  Firefox .

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No, the issue is that all of the Mozilla based browsers combined probably do not equal one percent of the market Firefox has which is already almost nothing compared to Chrome and Edge

There are so many bugs in all browsers and smaller development groups don't have the time and resources to work on all the bugs. So, though you may love that specific browser if Mozilla goes away or merges with Google Chrome then they lose all their base for debugging and fixing issues too.

Very hard to go it alone. Even as big as Microsoft is they finally threw in the towel and stopped development of their own web browser. It costs a lot in terms or time, money, and other resources that most just don't have the ability to manage on their own.


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I will add to what has already been said.  Having worked for a browser vendor in the past, every vendor (hopefully) makes sure their vendor conforms to W3C standards.  Beyond that point, each and every one does what they want while they are lobbying standards committee to see things their way so that the standards can evolve to what they have already done.  If a browser is little used, they have no political power and are often ignored.  Making a browser add-on work for a little guy first may mean that it does not work properly for the big guy.  Then the add-on fails in the market completely. Everybody loses then.

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