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Thirty-five years in IT, owning three companies after working my way up through dev and sales channels.  Must say, this is the (at the least) the most confusing, if not WORST support operation I've ever, as in EVER, seen.  Just one example:  I have questions regarding the PRIVACY portion of the app.Your advert pages only reference for iOS.  Since we use Win, I was simply wondering if that product is written for Windows.  I search ==>  nada.  I try the AI chat bot ==>  not intelligent.  Stumbled onto this forum, and followed simple logic to get into the "Malwarebytes Privacy/Windows" discussion area; only to find it has sub-sections for "Malwarebytes Privacy for iOS " and "Malwarebytes Privacy for Mac ".  Again, those are under the "Windows" section.  (Why do webdevs, tech copywriters, and marketing people do that?  Are they just so anti-social they don't want to communicate with those who buy the products which pay their incomes?)  Pathetic, terrible management.  But what do I know, I just use to turn around failing businesses before I went out on my own.  Loved increasing sales by 100% in 72 hours and 600%+ in 90 days.)

So, with that said, (which I don't believe MWB will do anything about....), all I'm seeing is topics about how the Privacy portion DOESN'T WORK!  Go figure.  So, does this Privacy ass actually work on Windows?  And thanks for wasting 45 minutes of my life I will never get back.  Who do I bill for that?


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Apologies for the confusion, but in response to your question we've created specific apps for each OS using a shared backend infrastructure.  So the Windows App is tailored specifically for that platform, as are the Mac and iOS apps.  The Android app (yes, it's built specifically for that OS) will be released very shortly.

The Windows app was delivered first approximately 1 year ago and is therefore the most feature rich.  Mac was delivered in late July and iOS approximately 1 month ago.  The related support documents can be found at: https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/categories/360003545953-Malwarebytes-Privacy

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Then, why don't you put that on your webpages, at the obvious pLACES (FOR THE NON-EMPLOYEE) so it is clear.  I would say yo are leaving a lot of $$$ on the table. Since I spent 2 hrs trying to figure your product line out, and 30-minutes on one of your competitors sites, where it was much, much more understandable. I went with the enterprise version of theirs.

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16 hours ago, gatortail said:

I appreciate your candid feedback.  We soft launched our iOS app and are planning a larger announcement and web update when the Android app is released shortly.  Unfortunately you've visited us in the midst of this transition/update.

You still don't get it.......

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