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Found 17 "infected" files which may have been false positives


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I did a scan and found 17 files all within the C:\WINDOWS\ASSEMBLY\NATIVEIMAGES folder. I suspect these were false positives so wanted to quarantine them until i could prove so but Malwerebytes stupidly removed them from my computer without even telling me. Have the files been deleted from my computer or is there a quarantine / virus vault that i mistakenly cannot find?

Also do these look like false positives or is there any other way i can prove this and that my system is clean? I am very concerned about security that whenever i do get a virus or malware I always fully reformat and am not content with simply removing the item(s)

Scans 02.JPG

Scans 03.JPG

Scans 01.txt

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Do you have "Use expert system algorithms to identify malicious files" enabled? It is located in Settings > Security> Scan option.

If so, these are false positives and can be restored.

This is normally disabled by default.

In either way, Staff will look into this and get this fixed.

Thanks for reporting!


That setting is to detect malformed files but sometimes legit files use protection that make them malformed. Malwarebytes is still tweaking the algorithms that is why it’s off by default. If you switch it on it is assumed you are able to tell the difference between a FP and a legit detection. 

And if you keep it on I suggest also turn off auto quarantine. Gives you the time to report FP's and not go thru the extra step to have to restore from quarantine.


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1) Yes, for some reason that setting was turned on, but how can we be sure they were FPs just because of that setting; with this in mind did malwerebytes actually delete the files or just move them to the quarantine and where is that located because i cant find it? Thanks

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