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New False Positive?-- Malware.AI.3346706190


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Getting a lot of these yesterday and today. Is this a false positive?

Scan date and time: 05/20/2021 10:00:02 AM
Component package version: 1.0.1251
Protection update version: 1.0.40692
OS: Windows 10 (Build 19042.985)
CPU: x64
File system type: NTFS
Logged-in user:  
Scan Summary  
Scan Type: Threat
Result: Completed
Objects scanned: 586134
Time elapsed: 0h 5m 54s
Processes: 0
Modules: 0
Registry keys: 0
Registry values: 0
Registry data: 0
Folders: 0
Files: 7
Scan Options  
Memory: True
Startup: True
File system: True
Rootkits: True
Heuristics: True
Archives: True
PUM: True
PUP: True

Threats Found

Name Type Location Action ID
Malware.AI.3346706190 File C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{F3E4F9ED-5685-458A-9421-B1AD7198C1EE}\NEWSHORTCUT612_71A9BE5D58104E249040FD623A41C26F.EXE Quarantined b3c64d92-b97c-11eb-ac5c-1866da4a609b
Malware.AI.3346706190 File C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{F3E4F9ED-5685-458A-9421-B1AD7198C1EE}\NEWSHORTCUT611_A2CC2C9DABCA454BAF74905C3F287666.EXE Quarantined b39acf50-b97c-11eb-84d0-1866da4a609b
Malware.AI.3346706190 File C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{F3E4F9ED-5685-458A-9421-B1AD7198C1EE}\NEWSHORTCUT6111_135D5D44138147F3A442F95139B50793.EXE Quarantined b36e4ba6-b97c-11eb-98d7-1866da4a609b
Malware.AI.3346706190 File C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{C0FD0913-A1C0-40C7-8AE8-4072D4A41044}\NEWSHORTCUT612_71A9BE5D58104E249040FD623A41C26F.EXE Quarantined b33f9478-b97c-11eb-9173-1866da4a609b
Malware.AI.3346706190 File C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{AA5FB520-F649-40C6-BB8B-13419A3481A8}\NEWSHORTCUT612_71A9BE5D58104E249040FD623A41C26F.EXE Quarantined b2dcb0f6-b97c-11eb-8df0-1866da4a609b
Malware.AI.3346706190 File C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{AA5FB520-F649-40C6-BB8B-13419A3481A8}\NEWSHORTCUT611_A2CC2C9DABCA454BAF74905C3F287666.EXE Quarantined b2d9ccd8-b97c-11eb-a011-1866da4a609b
Malware.AI.3346706190 File C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\{AA5FB520-F649-40C6-BB8B-13419A3481A8}\NEWSHORTCUT6111_135D5D44138147F3A442F95139B50793.EXE Quarantined adc9601e-b97c-11eb-b04c-1866da4a609b
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  • Root Admin

You can find Scan and Protection logs within the Malwarebytes 4 program in the following location




RTP stands for Real-Time Protection and is where automatic protection operations would normally be logged




If you click on the View option you should get something similar to the following with other options available.







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We don't have Premium, we have we have Enterpise endpoint Protection. And there is nowhere on the endpoints that I know of where I can open a management console like you are displaying. I have checked C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\Logs, but this appears to only populate a log when a manual scan is run. Thanks!

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