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Malware.AI.2711381214 UNWISE32.EXE False Positive


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Scan Report: 05/21/2021  1:00:01 AMBack to Scan History
Scan Log Details    
Endpoint name:    xxxxx.WMDOMAIN01.local
Scan date and time:    05/21/2021 1:00:01 AM
Component package version:    1.0.1251
Protection update version:    1.0.40722
OS:    Windows 10 (Build 19042.985)
CPU:    x64
File system type:    NTFS
Logged-in user:    xxxxx\Clerks
Scan Summary    
Scan Type:    Custom
Result:    Completed
Objects scanned:    557421
Time elapsed:    6h 30m 12s
Processes:    0
Modules:    0
Registry keys:    0
Registry values:    0
Registry data:    0
Folders:    0
Files:    1
Scan Options    
Memory:    True
Startup:    True
File system:    True
Rootkits:    True
Heuristics:    True
Archives:    True
PUM:    True
PUP:    True
Threats Found
Name    Type    Location    Action    ID
Malware.AI.2711381214    File    C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\UNWISE32.EXE    Quarantined    bb9686ac-ba23-11eb-be80-f8b156a92423

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  • 3 months later...

Detected again.... see below & diagnostic log attached.

  • Endpoint name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • OS release name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • OS Platform: Windows
  • Category: Malware
  • Type: file
  • Action Taken: Quarantined
  • Scan time: 2021-09-17T05:00:02Z
  • Report time: 2021-09-17T12:09:48.573628377Z
  • Machine IP: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Group name: xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Policy name: xxxxxxxxxx

Threat name: Malware.AI.3695474678


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