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I have been using Malwarebytes Premium for 3 days and im pretty content with it, however its missing some other features that might help making this anti-malware/antivirus software stronger and better.

1. Password Manager - Norton, Mcafee, bitdefender and etc have this feature, this would be really helpful if you added this, you can like put your passwords in an encrypted vault and such,

2. firewall - now this is a thing that i've said, other antivirus/anti-malware programs have. if this feautre is implemented the next update with some cool and useful features inside it, that'd be great!

3. camera protection - we all know camfecting is a common thing nowadays, i am very paranoid when it comes to things like these, it breaks your privacy, they can listen to some sensitive conversation you're talking about, and way more things. this'd be a perfect feature in the next updates of malwarebytes.

4. microphone protection/monitorer - other than camera protection, this is also a very useful feature, it like alerts you when a app or your microphone is in use. this'd be again, a good feature to add in the future updates of malwarebytes.

now i can list down all the things that you guys can possibly add, but i'd figure that'd be too long to read, so this is the only 4 feautures i listed down, yall at the malwarebytes team can think of more useful features you can add in this software.

thats basically it for my first forum post.

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I'll just say that the Malwarebytes for Mac team is looking into adopting new features for future releases, some portions of what you listed and some others that I suspect are currently of higher priority. The Company has a policy of not revealing details of any future features or their schedule until they can be proven and tested. Often such announcements are revealed as beta tests, so keep an eye on that section of the Forum for any such announcements.

But I will point out that that there are already solid solutions for everything you mentioned from other vendors that you didn't cover, a couple are even free, so it's not like there's a big void in all those areas.

Although you can't really compare the approach to malware prevention for Mac to that for Windows, there are some additional features of Malwarebytes for Windows that would be useful to Mac users and I would expect to see them work to make those available as soon as practicable.

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The password manager I would not personally recommend that we or any other vendor just create one on their own. There are well established password managers already.

Use Password Management software

KeePass Password Safe

Make sure you use a strong master password
Then set the key transformation settings (the link below helps provide information on how to choose good settings)
KeePass Password Manager: Full Detailed Setup (good YouTube video on setup and using Keepass but choose the Argon2 method for Key transformation)

Password Managers Compared: LastPass vs KeePass vs Dashlane vs 1Password




I will pass along your feedback to the team  @R3Kistic thank you


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  • AdvancedSetup changed the title to I have feedback - Malwarebytes for Windows

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