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Entire CDN domain blocked for our website

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I'm the owner of the website https://thunderstore.io/, and we're getting reports from our users about Malware-Bytes blocking access to the CDN service we provide. The domain of the CDN is cdn.thunderstore.io, and here's the error they're seeing: https://i.imgur.com/96Shq9E.png

We suspect this was triggered due to a recent event, where a malicious user had uploaded a crypto miner on the site, which got flagged and has since been removed. As such we'd like to request the removal of the block on cdn.thunderstore.io

Additionally any tips on avoiding a similar scenario in the future would be appreciated, since having the entire CDN domain get flagged (which serves all of our content) severely impacts our service.

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We're still receiving reports from our users about their access to thunderstore.io and/or it's subdomains being blocked. Just now an user reported being unable to access https://valheim.thunderstore.io/api/v1/package/, which is crucial for the operation of several different software in our ecosystem.

I also found this related thread here: 


From what I can tell, the flagging is caused by the same incident as what was referred to earlier in this post, which as mentioned has since been resolved. Could you take a look at this specific case, and also possibly if there are other thunderstore.io subdomains flagged? They're all part of the same system we're running.

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  • Staff

We did unblock cdn.thunderstore.io on the 4th of the May, but I see valheim.thunderstore.io was added for detection on the 5th of May due to this URL path:


Which looks like the same bitcoinminer previously mentioned. I think there was some confusion that this was cleaned up. Sorry about this.

This is currently the only subdomain of thunderstore.io that we are blocking, but I'll unblock it now.

Thanks for reporting

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