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Possible bitcoin miner

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Hey there,

I just finished setting up a new 2012 Cloud server (needed older OS due to age of software I'm using) and Symantic endpoint has detected (but can't seem to remove) 

[SID: 30614] System infected: Miner.BitcoinMiner Activity 9 attack blocked

RKILL log:

Checking for Windows services to stop:

 * Ias Stopped. [PUP/GEN]

1 service stopped!

Checking for processes to terminate:

 * No malware processes found to kill.

Checking Registry for malware related settings:

 * No issues found in the Registry.

Resetting .EXE, .COM, & .BAT associations in the Windows Registry.

Performing miscellaneous checks:

 * System Restore Disabled

   [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\SystemRestore]
   "DisableSR" = dword:00000001

 * Windows Defender Disabled

   [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender]
   "DisableAntiSpyware" = dword:00000001

 * Reparse Point/Junctions Found (Most likely legitimate)!

     * C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain\DfsrPrivate => C:\System Volume Information\DFSR\Private\{EE4587EF-E020-4769-B0C8-7131DBFC827A}-{E2C2EB99-1396-4E75-8B85-AB78C9A17184} [Dir]
     * C:\Windows\SYSVOL\staging areas\XXXX.com => C:\Windows\SYSVOL\staging\domain [Dir]
     * C:\Windows\SYSVOL\sysvol\XXXX.com => C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain [Dir]

Searching for Missing Digital Signatures: 

 * No issues found.

Checking HOSTS File: 

 * No issues found.

Program finished at: 04/30/2021 10:49:18 AM
Execution time: 0 hours(s), 5 minute(s), and 42 seconds(s)



I also ran a FRST scan but I can't post publicly. What would be the next steps after RKILL? 




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  • Root Admin

Generally speaking most sites don't help with Server detection and clean up for free. Part of the issue is what you just said, you can't post your logs publicly and tools to clean Servers are often not designed for Servers.

Please go ahead and send me the logs from FRST in a Private Message though and I'll take a look.

Thanks @cdngy20



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  • Root Admin

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Tips to help protect from infection



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