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FP - Malware.AI.1613201656 reaper628_x64-install.exe

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I try to install music program, exactly DAW named Reaper (for Windows 64-bit):




but Malwarebytes Premium keeps taking it to quarantine.

It must be false-positive. It is very popular DAW.

I want to install it. What should I do?
Thanks for your help

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You may either temporarily disable protection to get the program installed, or create an exclusion for it using the method described under the Allow a file or folder section of this support article.  If you do disable protection, be sure to re-enable it once the program is done installing.

Additionally, if you provide a report from Malwarebytes showing the detection we can get a member of Research to review and remove the detection if it does turn out to be a false positive.  Instructions on accessing the report history in Malwarebytes can be found in this support article if needed.

  • To access reports, open Malwarebytes and click on the Detection History card on the lower left
  • Click to select the History tab
  • Double-click on the detection you wish to view the details for and click the Export link on the lower left of the report details pop-up
  • Select Copy to clipboard and paste the report into your reply so that Research may see exactly why the item was detected

I will also move this topic over to the FP reporting area so that Research may take a look and review the detection.


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Hey shadowwar

i am sorry if i dont should post here, but i thought it was the right place to write this because i have the same problem, as user: Bot does.

Here are the detection log from my computer.

Malwarebytes blocks the program when you try to install it on the computer, but if you do a manual scan Malwarebytes finds nothing.

Thanks in advanced



Malware false positive.txt

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