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Malwarebytes Endpoint removed automatically


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The Malwarebytes endpoint protection in my Windows server 2012 R2 is found removed by itself. Even the services were also removed.

I was using Malwarebytes Nebula platform connected to this endpoint. But it shows not connected. The Symantec Endpoint protection installed on the same server was also removed.

Now when I try to re install the agent , I can't. Any installation gives an Error 1303: You have insufficient privileges to access the folder : C:\Program Data.

Is my Server infected? How can I bring it back to normal?                                               


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I am not directly in the Support organisation, but I suggest you immediately submit a Support Ticket here - Submit a support ticket.  You can also call Support phone number listed in your Console, by clicking on your name at top right, Contact Us.

I am not a Malware incident responder, so the following is some general guidance.

If both protection products were removed, that is a suspicious activity associated with attacks.

If Tamper Proofing had been enabled, it would be very difficult to uninstall Malwarebytes. If Tamper Protection is Off, then turn it on by policy for all other endpoints. 

Run scans on any other servers and endpoints.

I would suggest immediately removing the Server from networking access to your other devices, whilst you investigate. 

If you have a Firewall, consider limiting outbound access only to Malwarebytes management and Symantec, in case an attacker is remote-controlling it.If possible,

Take an image/backup of current state.  -- You may need this for subsequent investigations.  

Possibly recover to a different server, to resume business, whilst investigating


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This article may give you some ideas, to get back ownership of c:\ProgramData using a Microsoft utility - 



But, folders could be locked, or it is indicative of other damage.

takeown /a /f c:\ProgramData
icacls c:\ProgramData /reset /t /c
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