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IOS VPN fails to connect


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Using the up-to date version of Malwarebytes Privacy for IOS on an iPhoneXS running IOS 14.5, the VPN fails to connect.  I have tried 2 different server locations in the UK, and the default location in the US but it fails to connect in all cases.   I am not using any other VPN service or competitive product.

I also use MalwareBytes and the Privacy VPN on my 3 Macs with no problems.

So where am I going wrong?

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Hello @JonR

Thanks for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you are having issues establishing a connection with Privacy for iOS.

Can you please check the following:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone
2. Click on VPN & Network
3. You will see a Toggle option within the "Status" connection, please toggle the slider on and off again and test the connection.

Can you also test another server or two (not UK or US) to see if you can establish a connection? 


Thank you!

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Hi @JonR

Thanks for trying and letting me know you are still having issues. 

Did you purchase the Privacy subscription through us or Apple and/or are you on the Trial period? Also to confirm, did you go to the Settings section on your phone and check the "Status" under VPN &Network section? Toggling ON/OFF did not change anything correct? 

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Hi Meagan

Yes, to your last question: I did toggle ON/OFF as you suggested and the problem remained.

I am a licensed user of Malwarebytes on 3 Macs and 2 iPhones. And they all work fine.  In response to your announcement regarding the Privacy feature, I purchased that directly from yourselves and paid a supplementary charge as expected. The same licence key operated as your instructions indicated.

The Privacy feature (VPN)  works fine on the 3 Macs (MacOS 11.13) but fails as I've described on my iPhone (IOS 14.5). 

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Hi @JonR

Thank you for confirming! May I please have the email you made the subscription purchase under?

Have you also tried restarting your phone since trying the connection?

In addition, I would like to gather diagnostic data from your device. To collect this, please do the following:

  1. Open Malwarebytes Privacy for iOS
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Switch on the Enable diagnostic mode toggle.
  4. Reproduce the issue. Once you experience the issue, diagnostic mode logs the incident.
  5. In the application Settings, tap Export diagnostic data. Options to share the the data as a zip folder appear. Please attach it here (you may need to tap "Copy").

If you run into any issues with the above, please let me know. Thank you!


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Hi Meagan

I'm not sure I want post my full email address in a public forum, but I can tell you that it is the same address as I used to register with this forum and with my original Malwarebytes Registration. Perhaps this partial email address will help you identify me it is : j**s*******son@gmail.com.

The diagnostic logs are enclosed with this message.

1. Yes, I restarted my iPhone several times when trying to get the VPN to connect.

2. I originally added the VPN feature after receiving your announcement (22 April 2021) that it was now available for iOS devices. I followed the instructions on that email and downloaded the Privacy (VPN) feature from the Apple Store and activated it with the same licence key as used on my Mac laptops (which already use Malwarebytes plus the VPN feature without any problems).

3. I also uninstalled and re-installed the Privacy feature on my iPhone as part of my investigation before reporting the problem to you.




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Hi @JonR


Thank you for providing me the logs and I was able to locate your full email address within the forum system.

I also see that you have a Support ticket open with me - https://mwb.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/3443332

After reviewing your logs I was able to locate an issue with your license and I need to submit a request to our licensing team to have this fixed. This may take a couple of days. If it is OK with you, I would like to work on this issue from within the Support ticket and move our communications to that area, this will also provide privacy. 

Please let me know if this works for you. Thank you!

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