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Windows update being a pain in the butt.


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Unfortunately, that's a pretty generic error code which can have many possible causes.  There are several potential fixes you can try listed on the following page, hopefully one of them is helpful:


You could also try using System Restore to roll back to a time when Windows Update was working, assuming you know when that was and there is a restore point available from that time or before:


If not, you might be best off trying a repair installation of Windows which will reinstall all of the core OS components, likely fixing the issue.  You won't lose any of your files, however might need to reinstall any third party applications you had installed, depending on which options your version of Windows 10 offers.  The following article details how to perform a repair install via the in-place upgrade method, which would leave all of your applications installed; it's the best option if available:


This option in addition to the others for repair-installing Windows can be found in this Microsoft Support article:


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4 hours ago, Robertojr said:

Ok thanks i just kinda find it funny i went to use the bathroom and boom as if me using the bathroom fixed it.

Windows does a lot in the background, especially when left idle, and Windows 10 even more so than past Windows versions, so it was likely simply the result of one of the background maintenance tasks, such as checking for updates and performing its automatic background scan with Defender.

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Hello @Robertojr. Be aware that the Windows Update error is a commonly seen one.  That to get to the root cause takes getting special reports.  It's best to get help on venues that specialize on the area of Microsoft Updates.

Like Sysnative.com forum.

your machine seems fine now.  Just keep Sysnative  in mind in case of a future repeat.

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Just a note here. if the failing update is about Microsoft Defender updates & for advanced users, there is a excellent MS help article on getting manual updates for Defender.


The full title is 

Security intelligence updates for Microsoft Defender Antivirus and other Microsoft antimalware


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Yep, back when I was still running Windows 7 I had MSE installed and used the Task Scheduler to set up scheduled updates for MSE (since I kept Automatic Updates disabled since I update manually each month, usually checking once or twice a week and I wanted MSE to update its signatures automatically and far more frequently than that (i.e. multiple times per day).

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