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I believe I have a virus

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I am looking through my add or remove programs list to remove something and I came upon Windows Safety Alert. This thing is taking ip 33,693 MB. I don't believe that windows would put something this large onto my computer so I am guessing this is a virus. One how bad is it? And two how do I remove it?

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Hi there GuitarDude, and welcome to Malwarebytes. Sounds like you do have a nasty, let's run these scans and see just what we are dealing with.

If you haven't already, please get these programs, update and run a complete scan removing all items found.

Spybot Search & Destroy Be sure to use the immunize feature.

AVG AntiSpyware Be sure to "take action"

Then go here and run a scan PandaActive Scan There is a full tutorial on how to to this at the top of this forum.

Post the logs from the Panda and AVG scans please, along with a log from this program HiJack This!

You will post three logs. 1. AVG scan. 2. Panda Active Scan. 3. HiJack This scan. You will finish the AVG first so go ahead and post that log, then move on to Panda and so forth.

I will analyze the logs and give you further instructions. Be patient and persistent. These things can take time and many procedures.

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On Spybot search and destroy I would really rather not it do this

"I normally like this program, BUT this version killed a critical DLL on two XP machines, identifying it as a spyware. I don't know exactly what it did, but the machines wouldn't boot anymore. I reinstalled XP on one, couldn't bother with the other.

Now, I updated to the latest beta, latest update, and it flags my Marvell Yukon network adapter as SoBar spy! Hopefully, it didn't kill XP this time.

Still, lowest rating from me for this last batch.

*EDIT* correction, by killing my network card without asking, I got a blue screen on reboot. Needed to reinstall XP."

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No I was just saying didn't want that to happen does that dl the beta or no? If it downloads the beta where is the non beta version?

Does spybot only work for internet explorer?

Do all all those programs only work for internet explorer?

I have actually now heard that Ad-Adware 2007 is better then Spybot search and destroy.

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