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Bug?: Uninstalling Endpoint doesn't update Oneview Site


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After, I had to recover from a ransomware attack that affected one of our customers machines that I was pretty sure that I deployed Malwarebytes to, but it was able to infect their machine. I was thinking I was starting to go crazy because I know for a fact that I deployed the agent a couple of months ago and had a active subscription for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response for that customers site. But, I was unable to find any indication in the Events view of Malwarebytes being either deployed or removed from the customers site.

Apparently there might be aa bug that occurs after the Malwarebytes Endpoint agent is uninstalled from the users device.  After this occurs, the Oneview site doesn't update or display that the endpoint has been removed.  Giving a false impression that the endpoint software is still installed and protecting the users machine, despite the fact that it has actually been uninstalled from the device, therefore leaving that device vulnerable to attack.

I was able to reduplicate this issue with a Temporary test site in Oneview that I set-up and allocated up-to 2 licensed for, deploying a endpoint to the test machine, and manually uninstalling the Malwarebytes endpoint agent from the test machine itself.  I have also taken screenshots showing how Oneview gives the false indication that the endpoint is still deployed, despite the fact that the Malwarebytes endpoint has been uninstalled from the Windows machine.

Site View for the test site displaying that the agent is still deployed



Dashboard view of the Test Site after manually uninstalling the endpoint from the test machine



Events View for the test site after endpoint was manually uninstalled



And Finally, what the Endpoint view in Oneview shows after the manual uninstalling the endpoint agent552769720_manualuninstallendpoints.thumb.PNG.ab317cf2cc93edda54f58cb980f6a200.PNG 

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