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Android: Unknown Chrome hijacker

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The name of the Trojan is 25.0.0 Tiger eye.    It starts out small and then slowly elevates its privileges and infects more apps including system apps.  It will link its self to your browser so it can download the next stage of infection. Eventually it will root your device to a Linux 64arm and put your os into a virtual machine that appears completely normal to 95% of the population and all service providers.  It's a nasty mfer that has full control of your phone by the time it is finished.  It protects its self by modifying menus so you can't see all the options.  It either brute force blocks you or hides everything that can disable it.  It slowly binds to all your apps and will steer you to a cloned google play store that only downloads infected apps.  It is currently on my devices as it is a cloud based virus so it transfers to anything synced to it.  I'm in the process of setting up my own virtual machine on my laptop and want to explore this masterpiece... 

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