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Installation token not found

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May I jump on this thread with the same problem please? I've not used an uninstaller, I've done a few things which I can go into and have a support zip ready. I won't go into detail though if I need to raise my own thread (don't want to waste anyone's time really as this is such a recent thread with the same issue) - I've also done all of the above and it's not worked. I have raised a ticket but I see there are some extremely knowleagble people on the forum, so thought I would try my luck. :)

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Thank you both. I've tried again today and it has worked, it's accepted the ID and key but has now gone back to saying that my licence has expired, (but I've paid and had a receipt) so now a slightly different issue - I've raised a ticket and will await a response 😁

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While you await a reply to your support ticket, I'd suggest signing into your account at My.Malwarebytes.com to check what it shows for the status of your license/subscription (details on signing up can be found in this support article if needed; instructions on manually adding a lifetime license key to your account if it doesn't show up automatically can be found in this support article).

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OK, it could be that they issued a new format license key to grandfather your lifetime license into the new licensing system.  Please see if reactivating with the second license key (the new one) fixes the issue.

To reactivate, open Malwarebytes and go to settings by clicking the small gear icon in the upper right, then select the Account tab and click the Change link and enter the new license key.

Hopefully that fixes it, but if not then Support will be able to assist on your helpdesk ticket.

Please let us know how it goes.


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I just did that with the app, it accepted it but when I go back into the app, it's still the other key and says that Expired - temporarily extended. Hopefully support can figure it out. Meanwhile though, thank you for trying to help - I appreciate your assistance 👍

I've never had any problem with MWB before, so must be a new glitch I guess.


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