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MB Privacy and Google search


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Within the last couple of weeks, Google now insists I do a Captcha due to MB Privacy, see attached. Very annoying to say the least.

Anybody got an idea s to why it should start now? I am still having the other problem with Etsy not showing up due to MB Privacy.

Perhaps other VPN sites and forums may have answers?


Screenshot_2021-04-06 https www google com search client=firefox-b-d q=.png

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It's due to the use of a VPN.  Because VPNs function by connecting many users through the same servers/IP addresses, some sites such as Google see a lot of traffic from the same IP which sets off their VPN detection routines and DDoS protection tools.  It's basically the same issue as with Etsy, and the same thing VPN users experience when trying to use streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon and others which detect the use of a VPN.

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Thanks for the answer, but why has it started just recently. I have had MB Privacy for some time now and this has just begun.

Has anything changed in MB Privacy or do you know if Google has changed something?

And from what you mention, every VPN product should have the same problem? I have some friends that use other services and I will ask them to test this as well then.


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I have and use different VPN products and I can't pin down the exact rhyme or reason but I do know that Google is the one that does it the most. Once in a while it will be from a site that is running CAPTCHA on it's own but that eventually ties back to Google.

Sometimes I can go days without any prompts, then other times I can get three or four during the day.

As you can see there are 34 Million results for checking on why Google is popping up the CAPTCHA

I know that when I'm on VPN it does come up more, but even if I'm not on a VPN and I do a massive amount of searching with Google in the course of my job helping others I will start to encounter the CAPTCHA from them.



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Thanks for the further information.

So from what I can gather now is that more sites might look at going the Etsy path and block any VPN unless you access it from a real IP address? Does Google keep a record of these overused IP address and then sell them to companies? If this happens, how will VPN services / companies make their products relevant?

If the larger VPN providers have more servers worldwide, are they able to spread the load better so as not to seem too over used?


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Again, I think part of it has to do with the amount of searches you do. I have had CAPTCHA hit me even while I was not on a VPN

I spend the majority of time on a VPN and I do a lot of searches throughout the day and night and do not always get hit with that junk. I don't know the exact "special sauce" algorithm that they're using to try to determine who is doing something wrong and who is not. But VPN alone is not the reason. I have not had a single one today or yesterday and I've done hundreds of searches.

If you are getting bombarded with them then you might try another browser or even check to verify your system is not infected. It should be a once in a while type thing like maybe once or twice today and then nothing the next day. If you continually get them every single day and multiple times then I'd want to look at your system to see if something was up with it or not.


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