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Malwarebytes didn't detect a PDF Root Kit Virus

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The opposing law firm's attorney sent me huge 300 page motion with a PDF Root Kit Virus in it.  I had the basic Malwarebytes installed in my Mac Mini. I  believe the virus to be a level 5. The virus has done serious damage to my Nisus Pro appellate court documents and some PDF files.  I believe the attorney that sent this file has been detained by the FBI Cyber Crime Division.  I recently went to the Apple Store in Naperville, Illinois. The 'tech' guy installed, again the basic Malwarebytes.  Did a scan and didn't detect the virus, but it is still in my computer. Question: Will a paid subscription to Malwarebytes rid my MAC MINI of this virus?

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MBAM does not target PDF and other scripted and/or Documents.  It uses its anti exploitation module to block any malicious activity that may occur whiles rendering them.

Please submit the PDF in;  Newest Malware Threats  after reading...

Malware Hunters group
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This is the Malwarebytes for Windows Malware Removal sub-forum so I will request this be moved to;  Mac Malware Removal Help & Support




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I have been defending, pro se a very illegal foreclosure case since 2012. The opposing law firm sent me a 300 page motion. I forward this motion to a friend of mine. We were going through each document when we discovered 2 documents stating my mortgage was paid in full. We intended to come back to these pages after taking a break. When we tried to get back to these 2 documents, they were gone. My friend who I had sent this 300 page motion is knowledgable in PDF Root Kit Viruses.  At this time, we didn't know of the level of this virus. I then filed a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crime Division.  I sent them the email where the PDF Root Kit Virus is located.  The Apple Store recently confirmed that the virus is still in my computer infecting my Nisus Pro Word Processor.  I will forward the infected document to you if you don't mind having the virus in your computer.  I believe the FBI has the lawyer in custody.

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Is this document of a sensitive nature? If not, upload it to VirusTotal:


Then provide a link to the VirusTotal analysis page, once it has finished uploading and analyzing the file.

If it is of a sensitive nature it probably shouldn't be shared with us. Files uploaded to VirusTotal can be downloaded by anyone with a paid VirusTotal account.

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