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Run System Restore from Safe Mode or Recovery Mode - Windows 10

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The following article is geared towards Windows 10 but the same idea does apply to Windows 7 and 8


If you can start the computer into Safe Mode you may be able to do a System Restore from there. If you're unable to get into Safe Mode then you can create a Windows 10 USB installation disk to use as shown further below.



Note: If you’ve encrypted your device, you’ll need your BitLocker key to start in safe mode.


Start your PC in safe mode in Windows 10

Choose Troubleshoot from the Choose an Option screen


Under Troubleshoot choose Advanced options


Under Advanced options choose System Restore




Place a checkmark on the Show more restore points to see all available restore points



Then try working from the newest restore point to the oldest restore point

See which one if any of them work to recover the computer to a working condition


If you cannot get into Safe Mode from the PC then create a Windows 10 USB installation boot disk from another computer to use.


Create a Windows 10 installation USB disk to access the Recovery Environment

You will need an 8GB or larger USB thumb drive to create the Windows 10 USB installation disk

Download the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool


The following YouTube video will show you how to use the Media Creation Tool

How to Create Installation Media for Windows 10 | Microsoft


If needed you may need to get into the BIOS / UEFI in order to set the boot order to allow booting from the USB thumb drive

How to enter the BIOS or CMOS setup

Check your user manual that came with the computer or the vendor's website if that does not work for you


Insert the newly created Windows 10 USB installation disk into the affected computer and set the BIOS / UEFI to boot from it.

The first screen shows the installation version information. If needed you can change the Language


Then click on the Repair your computer link



Then choose the options as shown above to access the options to get to System Restore


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