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false positive for site


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malwarebytes browser guard is wrongly blocking my site,no malware on site which is built with wordpress, google webmaster site verification scan finds nothing wrong, i've hired people to go through everything and still found nothing wrong, this is costing me time and reputation, why is the site being blocked? why have you not provided a means to remort this without harvesting my email? as a reputable company, shouldn't you properly check something out before blocking it or putting a warning against it?

file for malwarebyte.png

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This is a Browser Guard Block. I will Alert the proper team to investigate. There is no need for any further action from you at this time.

Browser Guard is a free browser extension that is also offered by Malwarebytes.  It is separate from the commercial products, in terms of its behavior and also in terms of the teams responsible for it.  The forum that you posted in was for the commercial products.   The posts get moved to the proper place and all the posts (commercial or free) get taken care of.


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I asked our researchers to take a look at it, as well as running it through Virus Total.  The recommendation of our researchers is to keep the block in place, and ask you to contact the vendors shown on the VirusTotal report I am sending you.


You should also know that I get different results when trying various permutations of your URL:

  • https://www.cochranemarket.com/
  • http://www.cochranemarket.com/
  • https://cochranemarket.com/
  • http://cochranemarket.com/

That is somewhat unusual and may be worth further investigation.

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