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Malwarebytes listens to your comments

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I know that sometimes it seems as though we're not listening to user feedback but one of the items requested by users was the ability to not display the Security Summary every 30 days.

Before there was no option and it would show regardless. The program now has the ability to change when it happens or even disable it. You can still access it manually.


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Just to add a bit to what AdvancedSetup indicates in his post above; I have actually been paid to provide feedback, issues, feature requests and bug reports from the forums here directly to the Product team in charge of Malwarebytes' products, meaning that information goes directly to those who develop and make the decisions for Malwarebytes' offerings.

They are definitely listening 🙂

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Not really sure that can actually be done.

How are you supposed to know ahead of time how many thousands or tens of thousands of Registry values you're going to scan and cross-reference?
How many Folders are known to be bad or part of a bad infection out of thousand, tens of thousands?
How many files ahead of time are known to be on the system and of those on the system are known to be bad, again, ahead of time.

You cannot predict an accurate time scan of a system unless you've scanned that same system multiple times and it has no changes at all ever which isn't going to happen on Windows.

So you'd rather the scan take twice as long so that we can accurately give you an indicator of how long it will take as we prescan all files and objects without looking for malware at first just to get a representation of what is on the computer.

Then attempt to make an educated guess of how many files or objects will require 1 check vs those that may require 2 or 3 other checks to verify if they're good or bad?


We do have a Suggestion forum though for ideas. The beta forum in general is for testing those updates that have already come out not typically requesting new features.




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Always good to have a company that hears out it's userbase and an amazing forums that handles so many support requests a day. Not sure if Malwarebytes already has a similar technique but do you guys plan on an in house behavior blocker?   

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1 hour ago, AdvancedSetup said:

That would be more a question for the Suggestions Forum, but the MBAE does satisfy it to some degree but probably not on the level you're thinking or wanting.

True, also the Ransomware Protection component is also largely behavior based, though not a general HIPS application, obviously.

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