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Malwarebytes Privacy ruined my NAS

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Operating environment: Win10 Pro x64, server Fritz!Box 7490, USB-Stick 16GB attached as NAS to server fritz!box.

I installed Malwarebytes Privacy and gave it a try by connecting to some websites. Then I turned privacy off and deinstalled Malwarebytes Privacy using IOBit Uninstaller.


The server (fritz.box) and the NAS (USB-Stick attached to the server) did not show-up anymore in Windows Explorer as before.

I inserted the USB-Stick into the Windows machine

Windows said the USB-Stick is corrupt offered a repair what I did.

Afterwards the NAS was corrupt. Some files were lost and a dozend new files with cryptic names showed-up which could not be moved or deleted the usual way.

Kind regards



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It is possible that something went wrong with the uninstall when iOBit Uninstaller was forcefully removing the software, though I'm not sure how it or Malwarebytes Privacy could possibly corrupt a USB drive since neither should be touching it.

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Thanks exile360 for the fast response. That's why I mentioned the uninstall methode.

However, so far I never experienced a problem of this kind with IOBit Uninstaller.

Kind regards



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Yes, it's a strange issue to be sure.  Would you mind working with one of our specialists to try and diagnose the system to hopefully determine exactly what happened, if possible?  I don't know if it was caused by Privacy directly, indirectly, or just happened by coincidence, but I am certain the Developers would want to know if there is some sort of underlying issue with the software that may have lead to this.

If you are willing to do so, please do the following to provide diagnostic logs:

  1. Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  2. Accept the EULA and click Advanced tab on the left (not Start Repair)
  3. Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply

Alternatively, you may contact Malwarebytes Support directly via the web form on this page to work with them directly via email, but either way I will be sure to document your experience for the Product team so that they may try to replicate the issue and investigate further.


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Thanks, the logs show quite a few pending file rename operations, which are items waiting to be replaced or removed on the next system reboot, including some items for Malwarebytes Privacy, IOBit, Firefox, Paragon and some Windows entries as well.  Please restart the system to allow those items to be processed.

Additionally, it looks like FRST, which is used by the Malwarebytes Support Tool when gathering logs, didn't run for some reason.  This can happen if the Support Tool is unable to reach the web to download it or if it times out trying to do so.  Please run FRST as indicated below and attach the 2 logs it creates:

Please download the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your desktop.

Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system.

You can check here if you're not sure if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit

  • Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to the disclaimer.
  • Press the Scan button.


  • It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.
  • The first time the tool is run, it also makes another log (Addition.txt). If you've run it before it may not and you may need to select it manually
  • Please attach both logs to your reply


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Thanks.  Your logs show both Wise and CCleaner on the system; two more factors that could complicate things.  I don't know how you're using the two programs, but I strongly recommend against any kind of registry cleaning as it can definitely have unforeseen consequences.

I passed your thread on to the Product team, so if there is some kind of bug or issue, hopefully they will be able to fix it, but at this point I'm not sure what more to do as it may have simply been a one-off.

How are things running now?  Are you experiencing any further issues with your NAS?

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By the way, one more thing worth noting.  Just based on my own personal experience over the years, I've never allowed Windows to repair a drive when it alerted me that a drive I plugged in was or might be corrupted because like you, I had a drive actually get corrupted by doing so, and I've found that in every instance, the contents of the drive were perfectly fine without performing any repair.  I suspect that Windows has a function that alerts the user any time a drive is removed without using the 'Safely remove hardware' function to remove a removable drive.

Because of this, I would suggest first trying to browse the contents of the drive before allowing Windows to perform any repairs to see if it is even needed, as it may not be.

Obviously there is no way to know at this point whether the drive's contents were actually corrupted prior to allowing Windows to try and repair the drive, but it is possible, again, just based on my own personal experience with every version of Windows I've used since XP.

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