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Little boy

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A little boy was walking down a road.

A policeman comes up to him and asks him whether he has seen a thief running away.
The little boy says, "Go along this road, and you will come upon and intersection of four roads.
Go along the fourth road, and you will find four wide alleys.
Go in the fourth alley and you will come across four neighborhoods.
Enter the fourth neighborhood and you will find four societies.
Go in the fourth society and you will see four buildings.
In the fourth building, go to the fourth floor.
On the fourth floor, knock on the door to the fourth house.
A lady of around forty will open the door.
Ask her to lead you to the fourth room of the house.
In that room, open the fourth cupboard, and you will see four drawers.
In the drawer, you will find four photos.
The fourth photo is of God, and I swear to God, that I have not seen this thief.

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