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New Account com.malwarebytes.mbam.nobody created on IMac

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I've been running Malware Bytes on an Imac for some time with no apparent issues. Today, a new account "com.malwarebytes.mbam.nobody" appears to have been created on the device. Is this expected?

Thanks & kind regards

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6 hours ago, MAXBAR1 said:

where do I check this presence?

Terminal command: 

dscl . list /Users | grep -v "_"


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Thanks @alvarnell with the command you suggested

Apart from the ROOT users, MY PERSONAL USER (which I prefer not to name) and COM.MALWAREBYTES.MBAM.NOBODY,

  • I found the user NOBODY (which I believe corresponds to the guest user ) and the user DAEMON

I ask @treed , @alvarnell , is everything normal?


Good Evening (since you are in America, in Italy it is already morning)


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Everything appears to be normal for a single user with no guest and the current version of Malwarebytes installed, but nobody is not related to a guest user. The "nobody" account serves as a way to restrict permissions and access to/from things that don't really belong to any "real" account. You'll find it (or an equivalent) on any unix/linux system.



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Just a rarely used UNIX holdover. Can be used when there is an advantage to running a process that requires unique permissions not associated with any user or root. I've only observed one application that uses it for three of it's background processes.

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