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Malwarebytes Flags Old Version of Adwcleaner.


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Components Version: 1.0.1130
Update Package Version: 1.0.38745


The file AdwCleaner\Version 3_0_2_3\adwcleaner.exe has the following Checksum(s)
MD5 - 04B47DEEB298AE90A0C42DEAED71F8BA
SHA-160 - 04C656F5CB00708B093B050DFCBB0D3F34E4A56A
SHA-256 - 450DE13F98DC79C3E6359CB244FAC2A6F23F848F531F5C5A3EC3B9C2AF365714


I know this version is 8 years old ( I'm not using it) just wondering why it would detect this? I think I may know the reason but just want to confirm. Thanks.

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Hello @cli

I agree with any who observe the age of this long obsoleted file.  However, is it possible perhaps the latest data has not yet made its way to VirusTotal?



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  • Staff

Our engine format and configuration in VirusTotal is different than our products' default configuration. In VirusTotal we use a command-line engine with more aggressive detection techniques and heuristics which might detect more than the commercial product. This is the norm with most if not all other antivirus vendors in VirusTotal.


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Hello @cli:

With all that has been posted, could a clever AI ruleset enhancement be explored that would favorably effect the current VirusTotal finding?


Thank you.

cc: @miekiemoes

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