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Virustotal False Positive issue


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Dear Malwarebytes Team , we are a freeware development TEAM (Sordum.org) recently we have realized that 7 of our freeware have False positive on Virus total report Can you review these files thanks  here are the links:

1. Easy service Optimiser (eso.exe) - Malware.Heuristic.1003

SHA-256 : d95a1ff12edee922288fc69b4c8b2f4c5696c9cde3ecf3fbb7f22eebda11b73e

2. Qemu Simple Boot v1.3 - Malware.Heuristic.1003
SHA-256 : abd544c100806aaae17bbd95aa51680566c648119fa4c867f5c8e13bc3deddb2

3. Tunnel Adapter Microsoft 6to4 Adapter Remover - Malware.Heuristic.1003
SHA-256 : 40d17a076a4299f04ca61c267257beef4ac348bbf1cc599c0db15d1e417a75b6

4. Fix Print Spooler v1.1 -Malware.Heuristic.1003
SHA-256 : ad1bc90f9f24f835c0e5334e3592b97a9a1daf29f44404a92676ea8453def5b8

5. Bpuzzle v1.1 - Malware.Heuristic.1003
SHA-256 : de9841803a8657879b6cc268aa41af147d85592ddc1f4ff254704dd1c172c47e

6. VHD For Context Menu v1.0 - Malware.Heuristic.1003
SHA-256 : acf065a1c4e007a936dedf6ccdc3b4d90000adf84653809383f008a9523d0fe4

7. Find Prime Numbers v1.1 - Malware.Heuristic.1003
SHA-256 : fa4eb926b1a8384265ddae28fb5f587e6f59dfb4ab536bca205ec6edbf6413eb

eso.zip Qsib.zip 6to4remover.zip FixPrintSpooler.zip bPuzzle.zip VhdToMenu.zip PrimeNumbers.zip

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Our engine format and configuration in VirusTotal is different than our consumer and corporate products’ default configuration. In VirusTotal we use a command-line engine with different configuration and detection techniques/heuristics which might detect more than the commercial product. There are also false-positive suppression mechanisms in the commercial product which are not present in the command-line engine in VirusTotal.

This file has been whitelisted for our commercial products and it is not detected anymore.

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