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False positive on https://saxobility.org

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hxxps://saxobility.org is reporting as blocked due to suspicious activity by Malwarebytes Browser Guard. As the developer and maintainer of this site, I can assure that this is definitely not the case. Blocking is starting to cause annoyance to members of this site and is preventing them continuing to reach resources they require. As its deveolper I would be very interested to know exactly what criteria you are using to block such an innocuous site ? Please remove this site from your blocked sites database.


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Hi Gonzo

Yes it is a members only site for good reason. Those members are musicians... and it's their site. It does serve audio content but that content is recorded/owned by them and they share items such as their backing tracks and personal content between them. So as for... "Are you playing audio content without the specific consent of the user?", the answer is no, because it's contained with the membership or public domain, such as embedded YouTube video.


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I have whitelisted the site.  Content was blocked because Browser Guard recently began to enforce the following standard that Google has documented with regard to Chrome browsers.


They have not begun to enforce it on their own.  If they elect to in the future, many websites which use autoplay (most commonly associated with audio content) may need to change.  That would be a nightmare.

Please allow 15-30 minutes for my changes to take effect.

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I was not aware until it was pointed out to me.  There are some website operators that are technical and can take care of this.  There are way too many people with 1998 website designs that just want to play Grandpa's favorite song in MIDI while they are showing pictures.  They will not know what to do.

Thanks for your understanding.

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