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http://kcor.org/cgi-bin/wpi92cgi.exe MWB Blocks website access


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There are numerous issues here which I must list out for you here.

  1. We are blocking download of this executable file because it is using HTTP protocol, which is insecure.  The website owner (Kenton County) should be using HTTPS instead. This greatly increases security.
  2. Chrome has been blocking downloads of executable files over the insecure HTTP protocol for nearly a year for the same reason.
  3. Kenton County is using a certificate that enables the use of HTTPS protocol on their primary website (www.kentoncounty.org).  The auxiliary website you have reported (kcor.org) -- which is responsible for FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS is not -- and is putting you at risk.

That said, you are free to make an entry Browser Guard's ALLOW LIST to Disable protections for Malware on URL kcor.org if you choose to.  That is the first of two options available in Browser Guard's menu (shown by three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Browser Guard interface).  You may also need to modify your browser's settings to allow downloads of insecure content.  I do not know if you will be successful by doing that.

I also encourage you to contact the website operator again, and tell them what I have outlined in items 1-3 above.  It is for the benefit of all users of that website.

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