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Unexplained Reputation blocks

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The site has been whitelisted. Please allow 15-30 minutes for changes to take effect.

VirusTotal.com showed no issues.  sitecheck.sucuri.net could not scan the site, but that may also be a setting from your website provider that blocked the scan.  I saw no true reasons to block the site.

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We receive input from multiple sensors and external sources based on all available data.  A site that is good now may not be good ten minutes from now.  A site that is marked as having problems may have actually fixed the problems and one of the sensors has not registered the positive change.  There are false positives and there are false negatives.  A false in either category is something we continually try to improve on.  The Internet as a whole is in a constant state of change.  We are doing our best to solve the problems, as well as raise our own bar in the process. 

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none of that explains why you can't share the reason it was blocked in the first place.  If you're not interested in helping sites fix their problems or avoid false positives, you're just fearmongering and scamming people into believing your software is more useful than it is. This is very irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

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I mentioned two of the sources we use earlier in this thread.  The responsible teams do not typically share a lot of information about the processes, heuristics or other factors that determine blocks, but they will respond to a user if there is an active threat that needs to be resolved in order to lift a block.  That isn't meant to keep you in the dark.  No AV vendor is going to share the proprietary information that guides them and the efficacy of their products.  Its possible that there are some that should not have been blocked in the first place, but it is more likely that outdated information was a contributing factor, or that your hosting provider (NOT referring to users who run their own physical/virtual servers) has you on an IP that is/has been abused by some other service also based on that IP.  Its hard to tell.

In the meantime, I am here to lift blocks encountered by Browser Guard, and sometimes offer advice if it is something I can knowingly provide.

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