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Malwarebytes preventing a user from opening Internet Explorer. Please help.


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We have 3 users that access a specific bank account. The bank account requires the users to have Trusteer Rapport installed on their machines. These users were using Windows 10 Version 2004, however, the user that is experiencing the issue has just updated to version 20H2. Ever since the update, the user can't open Internet Explorer, unless we remove Malwarebytes from her endpoint. Please let me know what settings I need to configure to resolve this issue. I have attached the diagnostics log below. Thanks in advance!

Malwarebytes Diagnostics LMull.zip

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I'm sorry that Is any sort of block or detection occurring when the user attempts to open IE, or is it just failing to launch silently when Malwarebytes is active?

To receive the fastest assistance I'd suggest contacting Malwarebytes Business Support directly via the options on this page or via the contact information provided to you by logging into the My Account portal.

In the meantime, if the user is seeing a detection, get the log from the detection and post it here and we'll get a member of the Research team to take a look and get it corrected if it is due to a false positive.


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Hello Exile,

So the IE window opens for about 5 seconds, but it only displays white window with nothing else on it and after about 5 seconds it closes automatically. I have opened up a ticket, but I was hoping that I could get it resolved faster as I am not comfortable with users not having their antivirus installed. I had attached the Malwarebytes diagnostics log of the user in the original post above. Any suggestions will help! Thanks in advance! 

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Thanks, based on your description of the issue it sounds like it is most likely the Exploit Protection component that is blocking it.

I've only worked with the consumer product so I'm not too familiar with the logs you uploaded and it looks like one of the logs for the Exploit Protection component is encrypted, however I did comb through them as best I could and didn't locate much in the way of identifying the issue, though I did see some references to IE and Exploit Protection.

If it hasn't been done already, please get a clean install of Malwarebytes done on the machine.  It is possible that something went wrong with the software during Windows Update and a clean install may fix it.

Instructions for doing so may be found in this support article.

If the issue persists, if you can get us the report from the actual Exploit Protection detection (assuming there is one; there may not be if this is due to something other than a detection), then we can get it analyzed by Research to get the detection fixed if it is a false positive.

I would not advise disabling any protection components or settings for now, just in case this is due to some unseen infection on the machine.

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